The Genting casino has 45 years of solid gaming experience under its belt and is therefor the preferred choice for many gaming fans.

Even if you are not familiar with the above name, you will more than likely have heard of the casinos the company runs.


Genting currently run some of the most popular casinos and resorts worldwide. Their land based CV includes the likes of resorts in Malaysia, Singapore, the UK, Australia and the Philippines.

The new online version boasts to bring gaming fans all of the excitement and energy of a real life casino. This is mainly due the wide choice of games available, the impressive technology and graphics the system works with and also some of the most impressive bonuses available!

Outside of London, the Genting’s brand represents the likes of Maxims and the Mint brand, which have some of the largest casinos in the UK.

The above two are some of the most exclusive gaming venues available. With such status surrounding their land-based casinos, you can imagine what their online venues are going to be like!

Users are able to play a number of games online. These include the likes of classic and traditional games such as Blackjack and also more contemporary games such as any one of the thrilling progressive games available.

There is also a variety od added personal touches such as an online croupier, who is there to explain the rules, introduce exciting incentives, jackpots and reveal all the latest offers!

With their land-based casino’s attracting over 10 million gaming fans a year, we can only imagine the online based casino will be pushing similar figures.

The experience behind the name really shines through in both the quality and the experience. They also offer 24-hour support; advice is therefore accessible at any time.