After the stunning success of last month, Euro-based online Guaranteed Freeroll Slots Tournament in Crazy Vegas Casino has been very looked forward by all the players. This time the casino increases its rate by releasing a second EUR25, 000.00 slots tournament. The situation is heating up, it is expected a large influx of players, assassin-style Hitman Video Slot online casino is the main game in the tournament. Hitman is an action-adventure themed 5-reel Video Slot based upon the popular IO Interactive / Square Enix computer game, and features 15 paylines, 18 Free Spins, twice the multiplier wins and a second-screen bonus game.

This is the second-ever Euro-based Freeroll Slots Tournament launched by the online casino to these days, and it will last from Thursday 26 August 2010 at 19H00 GMT until Friday 3 September 2010 at 22H00 GMT. All players must pass the registration process taking place the week before the appointed time of the tournament. As in the last month, it is a Guaranteed Cash Tournament. This means that the player can take his prize money, whatever it was, and he should not fulfill any prior play-through or wagering requirements. Players are going to play for their share of a EUR25, 000.00 prize pool, which is nearly equal to over $ 32,000.00. All prize pool will be divided between the players taking the first 75 positions, the player having the first place will receive a grand prize of EUR5, 000.00 in cash.

It is also a Freeroll Tournament. entry is free, all players receive 18,000 start coins and 5 start time minutes of playing time. Additions are unlimited at EUR10.00. Award an additional 12,000 coins and 3 minutes of playing time in the tournament.

Brand manager Trevor Penn has said in an official press interview that the Crazy Vegas Casino is not a monopolist of online gaming, but undoubtedly it is one of the undeniable leaders, and it organizes the biggest slots tournament every month, arranging the players a fantastic show and giving a huge amount of money prizes.